Trekathon 925: Erigah (DIS)

Not many episodes use the sound I make when standing up after a long day as an episode title. Spoilers.

More of a middling episode – it moves along at a good pace, and isn’t too distracted. But other than the Moll and L’ak relationship stuff it’s mainly a ‘middle movement’ to get us to the final stretch of the season. The Breen come off quite underdeveloped still, and I don’t love the Christopher Nolan style audio mixing on their dialogue.

The Moll and L’ak relationship is one of the best I’ve seen in Star Trek – it has a real feeling to it that is impressive. Enough to make wonder if L’ak is actually dead. Especially with ‘revive the dead’ following it in the script by less than five minutes. There’s also some good restraint in not doubling down on expanding the screen time given how successful it’s been.

There are three episodes to go this season and there are a lot of ways this could go. So far not much sign of Discovery finding a way to a satisfying ending, but not long until we find out for certain.

Quick hits:

  • That looks like the USS Doormat…

  • Yay, Commander Nhan!

  • I like that the Admiral is willing to listen to advice, even when it’s a crisis. Burnham’s advice also seems good here.

  • ‘All Breen are the same’ – yikes! Why is he even in this meeting?

  • “What’s worse than death” “This conversation for starters”. Yay Moll…

  • “Spit in his face for me” – going to be tricky with those masks, really.

  • Commander Reno as a smuggler is the spin off we need to see.

  • That is a big ship. Frankly ridiculously big.

  • Oh goody, hidden trauma for Commander Rayner. Just what this show couldn’t resist doing.

  • Rare action scene for the Doctor.

  • Feelings embedded on a piece of metal? OK, even for Star Trek…

  • Ooh, Badlands – Voyager reference.

925 down.