Trekathon 923: Mirrors (DIS)

Please, not a mirror universe story. Spoilers.

Moll and L’ak did need a bit more backstory. But this didn’t really gel for me. Because of the framing there’s no real sense of the why of their connection, it’s assumed. There are some nice moments which would land better if we’d spent any real time with the Breen before. But overall it fails to add very much beyond ‘yeah, there’s a good reason’. And it makes Moll seem very naive with her longing for this Gamma quadrant world that is definitely not a real place.

And then it’s really not at all clear to me why this had to be a Mirror Universe reference. It didn’t really add anything necessary to the story that was told. It could have been really any ship trapped in the space butthole. There was no closure that really added anything to stories told in the past. Really just a weird distraction.

Mechanically it’s better than some of the other episodes this season, and there isn’t too much time dwelling on other issues (beyond the Book/Burnham relationship). But ultimately a pretty mechanical episode that doesn’t do much but advance the plot and explain a motive.

Quick hits:

  • OK, I am not normally like this – but that wormhole looks a lot like a butt…

  • Hooray, a first officer telling the Captain not to go on a mission! I thought they’d forgotten how to do that.

  • When would Grudge even get an opportunity to kill something? Unless Book is buying her live mice, in which case – Yuck!

  • Sigh. It is Mirror Universe stuff. Can’t we just leave that well alone!

  • And that’s an awful lot of ‘Mirror Action Saru’ backstory, I really hope it was just fan service.

  • Oooh, Breen flashback.

  • Moll’s new hair is a lot better than the flashback hair.

  • The audio mix on the flashback sequences is dreadful, hard to hear either of them. Had to turn on the subtitles.

  • Very co-dependent vibes from these outlaws.

  • Definitely increased the fight scene budget this season.

  • Book is really forcing this ‘you’re now my family’ thing.

  • Oh I bet this test of loyalty is going to go well for that Breen…

  • There was plenty of time to do morse code with that tractor beam trick.

923 down.