Trekathon 922: Face the Strange (DIS)

I’m pretty sure ‘The Strange’ is a strain of pot, so this could get craaazy… Spoilers.

Star Trek and time paradox is one of the most reliable sources of fun episodes. There are some exceptions, but not many. This episode delivers on pretty much every bit of the premise, from visits to scenes long forgotten to a Burnham v Burnham fight (complete with OG hair).

What really helps this episode is that it is focused. There’s a single story being told, albeit one with a few threads. It also keeps the pace interruptions to a relative minimum. And it seems to care about the whole run of the show, not just the most recent season. It’s maybe a little reliant on ‘here’s our deep connection with the off hand line from last episode’. But it’s a relatively minor concern.

Overall the most fun I’ve had in a Discovery episode in a while.

Quick hits:

  • 15 hours ago? Some very lazy writing this year.

  • Funny funny – it’s literally a bug…

  • Does no one walk any more? Just transport site to site.

  • Really not sure where they’re going with Commander Rayner other than just generating conflict. Is he going to teach Burnham a lesson?

  • Land based Dry Dock in San Francisco Bay? This feels like a pretty poor use of real estate, apart from being at odds with almost all Trek canon except JJ’s movie.

  • And even a reference to the Temporal War? Wow!

  • Yep, Commander Rayner, the amount of weird shit this crew has been through…

  • Oh, and now the distant future abandoned Discovery. This is a fun tour through the previous episodes.

  • I really thought Burnham was going to steal the blue uniform.

  • Don’t love the ‘very special lesson’ at the end with Rayner – this was a pretty contrived circumstance.

922 down.