Trekathon 920: Under the Twin Moons (DIS)

Two episodes in one day and Twin Moons in the title? Spoilers.

This episode basically does three things. And it does all three of them fairly clumsily.

First, it’s the next step in the National Treasure style chase we’re obviously on this season. While the action scenes are pretty, it’s hard to care very much about when it’s just drones as the opponent. There’s never any convincing peril, and the solution is not just technobabble but deus-ex-machina technobabble.

Second, it’s setting up the new first officer. Which first requires a momentum shattering move from the set up at the top of the episode to watch a court hearing starring a character who we don’t know. Then he literally just appears to solve the problem for Tilly? And finally after decades of being a Captain he’s happy to take a demotion just to stay in the job (little bit of a red flag there).

And finally it’s our fond farewell to Saru, complete with some head fakes towards ‘last day on the force’ vibes. Plus all the greatest hits – super speed, super strength and the threat ganglia. For some reason it just didn’t feel particularly earned. Maybe it’s the gap from last season, or maybe it’s just that he’s felt like he has one foot out the door of Discovery for some time.

Overall it’s not exactly a miss of an episode, more just a mix of sub-standard parts that don’t add up to anything very memorable beyond some plot mechanics.

Quick Hits:

  • OK, I swear there was a face in that nebula Burnham was staring at?

  • Spoiler alert – Burnham will not find the answers to her questions by solving this mystery.

  • You’re in a job where people die, have a better succession plan for your first officer.

  • Are there not recordings of the communications that would answer this question for the hearing.

  • I smell a new first officer for Burnham coming in the form of this angry Captain Rayner.

  • Yay, Grudge! All Hail!

  • That little cat toy had better turn out to be a critical gadget at some point in the story this season.

  • Double solar eclipse every 7 years in always the same point is some very strange orbital dynamics.

  • I do like that they’ve remembered Sora exists.

  • Moll looks a lot like Newt from Aliens.

  • OK, a little bit too much fond farewell to Saru. Yeah, it’s the final season and all. But it’s not earned.

  • Not loving the coincidence with Booker and Moll.

920 down.