Tower of Babylon 015: Grail

An upside surprise of an episode. I’d remembered this as being a pretty silly episode. By all rights an episode about a psychic alien versus someone seeking the holy grail shouldn’t work. But somehow it does, because those things are treated in the show seriously, but also as being beyond the normal bounds of what people experience.

It’s nice to see the justice system in an SF show when it isn’t one of the crew being falsely accused and/or stripped of their rights. And while it’s not nice to see the underclass, it’s good to recognise these things.

It’s not going to make a top ten list of episodes, but it’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour. David Warner is incredible, and there’s also an opportunity for Lennier and Vir to grow a bit. Even the CGI for the Feeder is pretty effective, especially keeping it in shadow.