Trekathon 913: Old Friends, New Planets (LD)

Lower Decks wraps up season 4. Spoilers.

A good episode, but the season-spanning plot really didn’t add up to much for me in the end. Locarno was just too crazy and over the top, his viewpoint was too easily written off as ‘he’s gone insane’. Another version of the story could have had someone who seemed far more reasonable. Where was the Locarno who convinced all of these junior officers to mutiny?

But that aside, I enjoyed the episode. Mariner had a good story, with plenty of time to show her character and some fun action. The Tendi and Orion plot was a bit more of a setup for next season (or at least the first episode or two). Every one of the main characters got their moment to drive something forward – an unusually well balanced story for the show.

Quick hits:

  • Not a lot of ‘previously on’ segments in this show.

  • Chekhov’s genesis device?

  • Yay, Will Wheaton as Wesley Crusher – up to three series now…

  • So – coordinated Lower Decks mutiny?

  • “He looks like Tom Paris”. Hey

  • ‘No can do, Tendi-2’. Gotta love Rutherford.

  • The ‘Dangerous and unpredictable space debris’ is a very pretty visual effect.

    • LOL, love the Twain callback.
  • Some very 2-dimensional thinking with the ‘surrounded’ there.

  • OK, getting distinctly Wrath of Khan in here now.

  • Some great callback music.

  • Captain’s Yacht! Yay!!

  • It’ll be interesting to see if they bring Tendi back or not – setting up a replacement with T’Lyn. But would love to see an episode or two of Captain Tendi.

913 down. And that’s Lower Decks Season 4 in the books. And for the first time in probably a couple of years there’s no known date for the next series of any Trek show – but plenty in production. But before the break, a season review.