Trekathon 911: Caves (LD)

Ah, the Star Trek cave set. Classic. Spoilers.

The basic premise is the four old room mates have stopped talking to each other as much, but surely these sorts of adventures would have been discussed? We’ve seen them meeting up for drinks several times after all. Feels like a bit of an unearned premise.

Other than that, none of the segments really land. Boimler’s segment with the Vendorian conspiracy doesn’t really have much to it. Rutherford’s is a better story, but not given enough space to realise itself. And Mariner’s segment is basically a single joke (getting old) which isn’t very funny.

The meta joke about Star Trek caves never really works. It’s too meta, and not grounded enough in stories from Star Trek. Beyond ‘all caves are the same’ and ‘people get stuck in caves a lot’ there’s no real relationship to past stories.

Quick hits:

  • Grottonus. Great planet name.

  • OK, enough of the general cave mission meta jokes now. More specificity please.

  • Not quite sure where the conspiracy thing is coming from. Feels a bit too specific without actually being very funny.

  • Rutherford’s pregnancy is a combination of way too creepy and also slashfic fodder.

  • Nice to have a bit more of a Dr T’ana content.

  • Seriously, Tendi needs to talk about the turbo lift. Let her vent.

  • Good continuity back to the first episode of the show.

  • The Vendorian thing is a very, very obscure callback to TAS.

911 down.