Trekathon 860: A Few Badgeys More (LD)

You can’t handle the Badgey! Spoilers.

While it doesn’t live up to the previous Peanut Hamper instalments, this is a fun episode that does a nice job of subverting expectations, as well as showing how characters have grown. Badgey hasn’t changed, but Rutherford has and is in a better place to express his emotions and understand Badgey. Agimus hasn’t changed, but Boimler is far less gullible, and stays in control despite the other things that are going on.

Oh, and we finally get some movement in the mysterious ship plot (and blow my theory out of the water).

Jack McBrayer does an incredible job with the different Badgey personas, managing to give them all a sense of difference and continuity. Very subtle and clever voice acting, even when it involves chewing the scenery with some of them..

Quick Hits:

  • I do love the steadily growing fight scene in the credits. Going to be hard to fit more in next season…

  • Nice touch with the Bynars having Purple Alert.

  • Badgey and Peanut Hamper in the same episode. Going to go well for the Federation I’m sure.

  • I’m not sure group therapy for evil AIs is a great idea.

  • So none of the three AIs we’ve seen before is the mysterious ship – interesting.

  • Tendi discovering sand is very cute.

  • Maybe I’m too down on Daystrom AI rehab, it seems to work…

860 down.