Trekathon 909: Parth Ferengi’s Heart Place (LD)

A Ferengi episode. Those always go well. Spoilers.

Another four plot episode – these are 22 minute episodes writers, maybe they need a bit of focus? But none of them are that great, although for different reasons.

The most substantive plot is negotiating the application to join the Federation. It’s nice to see Rom and Leeta again, and the story here is interesting. But it’s undermined by the Admiral being so easy to deceive – they barely had to work for it.

Then we get Tendi and Rutherford pretending to be in love. It was a strange plot that did nothing other than lampshade the sexual tension – no one learnt anything or changed very much at all.

We get standard issue ‘Mariner has issues she doesn’t understand’, and ‘Boimler ends up trapped by something’ to round the episode out. Not much in the way of interest in either story,

Overall a miss, but one with some fun moments.

Quick Hits:

  • Exceeding the mysterious ship quota in the cold open there. Time to move that plot on.

  • Love the starship shaped cheese board.

  • Travel Guide duty does sound like fun.

  • Not sure why pretending to be married is part of this mission. Seems to be a plot contrivance more than something that makes sense in context.

909 down