Trekathon 858: Empathological Fallacies (LD)

Pretty sure that’s not a real word. Spoilers.

Some interesting ideas in the main story in this episode, but it really just didn’t quite gel for me. It’s a story built on internal character conflict, which I normally like. While there’s a Betazoid element, it’s Betazoids with an interesting job and capabilities.

I think it’s a few things that didn’t work. The crew went from ‘tipsy’ to ‘nuts’ a little too quickly. Probably a side effect of having to compress the story into 22 minutes, but it felt a bit too abrupt. Plus there was an opportunity to show us characters dialled up to 11, rather than just everyone drunk and partying.

The Boimler sub-plot doesn’t get a lot of time to breathe, and it also doesn’t make sense. Why not tell the person what you’re doing before hand? After all, what they were trying to do worked better after the dramatic reveal. Felt like just a contrivance to tell a story.

Quick Hits:

  • Why on Earth is this worth a starship? Seems like it is more likely to blow their cover.

  • Betazoid’s using their psychic powers is pretty invasive.

  • Hmmm. Three Lwaxana’s – not fun.

  • Continuing to press the ‘send’ button is definitely illogical.

  • I love the spin on security looking after the crew in many ways.

  • It doesn’t quite make sense that Tendi is quite so thirsty to be T’Lynn’s bestie.

858 down