Trekathon 907: Something Borrowed, Something Green (LD)

Is someone getting married then? Spoilers.

A really great episode, with a real opportunity to learn about Tendi.

In a lot of ways Tendi is the most interesting character on the show. She has a fun back story, a lot of fun hidden skills, and some interesting internal conflict. The show has a good time painting the Orion culture – it’s very cartoony, but this is a cartoon after all. It’s a bit of a retread of some of the past ‘Tendi struggles with her past’ stories, but it has enough new and enough jokes to keep it interesting.

The show is prepared to absolutely run the Twain joke into the ground, which I really appreciated. There’s really not a lot else to the Boimler/Rutherford plot, but it’s enjoyable to watch.

Quick Hits:

  • A promise of ‘sex scenes’ in the parental advisory? Spicy!

  • ‘Orion Plagiarist’ – solid joke.

  • OK, that’s the last time they get to do ‘mysterious ship blowing stuff up’ without giving us some clues about what it is.

  • First appearance of the planet Orion perhaps?

  • Etiquette around bridal kidnappings actually makes a lot of sense.

  • Never the Twain shall meet, then?

  • Mariner getting hit by knives is a very good running gag.

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