Trekathon 905: I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee (LD)

The title is definitely a strong vibe. Spoilers

A pretty middling episode. There are some good moments, and there’s some promise of the Mariner self-sabotaging thing finally being dealt with. But spread across three plots there wasn’t time for any of them to do that much, and two of them were pretty trite plots.

The main story is a slight twist on the ‘Mariner sabotaging her self’ plot, which we might finally see come to an end (fingers crossed). There’s a little bit of fun action and world building along the plot, but it ultimately doesn’t have quite enough meat on it – for instance, the ‘who let it out’ plot line has very little time to develop.

The Boimler in a series bad rooms plot has some good jokes, but it’s really a bit of a pointless sequence. And Rutherford looking for a promotion is another example of the show really not knowing what to do with that character still.

One thing I’ll be interested in seeing is how much the two new ensigns established in the episode show up in later episodes. Won’t bother learning their names until they do though.

Quick hits:

  • Nice Roman cold opening for the ‘mysterious ship’. I have my money on Badgey and maybe Peanut Hamper.

  • The leotards is probably too specific a callback to TNG for the non-fans.

  • Who knew that you could drift a shuttle.

  • Ah, the old ‘cute alien turns out to be terrible’ plot.

905 down.