Trekathon 904: Twovix (LD)

Back to Voyager’s most cursed ethical conundrum? Spoilers.

A bit of a weak opener for the season, but it redeemed itself enough in the back half to be overall good. The first half leaned a bit too heavily on Voyager references – yes, it made diabetic sense given it was a museum ship and all. But it was just a lot of background gags without any real justification or payoff beyond ‘look here’. And the Twovix plot starts off really as just a straight ripoff/commentary on Tuvix.

But the second half, particularly the Twovix plot, went in a fun direction that did a lot more with the basic premise. The Voyager-side stuff is a bit rushed, but still more interesting in that the characters actually have a chance to do something.

Hopefully the overarching plots being set up are more interesting than they seem – Mariner wrestling with promotion/responsibility feels like something we’ve been over a few times before, so I’m not excited about it being a focus again.

Quick hits:

  • I love fangirl Mariner.

  • So many invokes in the first sequence, even Leola Root Stew.

  • This seems like a non-stop reference festival. Even the Warp 10 salamanders.

  • That is a very pretty Voyager model they’ve made.

  • No promotion for Rutherford? Not fair!

  • Oh, and a mysterious ominous enemy to wrap things up with.

904 down.