Trekathon 903: Hegemony (SNW)

Another season comes to an end. Spoilers.

Solid, if a little by the numbers, ‘great big threat season finale’. Everything ticks along well, with maybe a little bit of patience straining versus a few crew members with plot armour. Plus a great zero G action scene, and the introduction of the new Scotty.

But, as always with these two parters, it’s hard to judge in isolation. The episode has set up a good cliffhanger, and a lot depends on how it’s resolved. Other than that there are some nice Chapel and Spock wordless moments, but not a lot else in terms of character development. Star Trek action horror standard plot number two.

If it’s disappointing it’s only that this very conventional story feels a bit of an underwhelming end to a season that wasn’t afraid to veer all over the place. But I’ll save that for the season review.

Quick hits:

  • Very long previously on to remind us of the Horn.

  • Oh, this is a very idyllic little planet. It’s going to be crushed like a bug isn’t it?

  • Yeah, it’s totally going to colour his judgment. Alongside all his views of the Gorn.

  • I struggle with an interference field that knocks out that much of Federation technology. Feels more plot convenient than anything else.

  • Oh, it’s the big box of ‘forget the restrictions on fighting the Gorn from last time’.

  • Nice bit of maniacal piloting from Ortegas.

  • After the musical episode I did have a reaction to ‘Barbershop, now’ to imagine them all going ‘Hello, hello, hello, hello’ acapella…

  • ‘Hope is a choice’ – good line.

  • This might be the goriest episode of Trek yet with all the blood and viscera.

  • OMG, that’s Scotty. Doing lots of fun Scotty engineering stuff right from the drop.

  • There is no way that La’an doesn’t know what a CME is, absolutely basic space weather stuff.

  • Keeping the suspense up with Nurse Chapel, despite the fact that we know that she has plot armour. A little tiresome.

  • The Chapel waking up scene has some very nice audio design. Good representation of slowly waking to consciousness.

  • If I was in a derelict spaceship with an hour of oxygen left, ‘put on the spacesuit’ would be higher on my todo list.

  • OKm definitely some Aliens IP there with the growling youngling. Which takes me to immediately to ‘Gorn replicant’ or ‘implanted baby’.

  • I’m not sure I get why putting the rocket in the middle of the bridge is a good idea.

  • Excellent zero G fight scene.

  • Best of Both Worlds grade cliffhanger there.

903 down.