Trekathon 850: Those Old Scientists (SNW)

Sure sounds like a TOS reference. Spoilers.

Star Trek’s first animated/live action crossover.

This episode is a magic trick that shouldn’t work. The problem with this crossover is that the shows are dramatically different in tone. So an episode mixing the two ought to be a compromise that makes it seem like neither show. But somehow the tones of Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks are able to coexist without breaking the show.

Beyond that, there’s not a lot of character movement. But we get all the moments we’d hope for with Boimler and Mariner. Plus the story hs a good mix of forward momentum and enough peril to keep things interesting. Not entirely sure why the Orion subplot needed to be added in, but overall it’s just a fun hour of TV.

Quick hits:

  • Glad to see Tendi and Rutherford are at least getting cameos.

  • I know it helps that the voice actors look like the characters, but they really work in live action.

  • Wow, the credits done in animation. Incredible. Complete with Nacelle bug. And a space Koala.

  • ‘Flipping it open is the best part’ – Word!I miss my old Motorola RAZR

  • I smell a fake out ending here…

  • Mariner’s crush on Uhura is awesome.

  • Having the SNW crew geek out about the ENT crew was a lovely touch.

  • Cute ending animation sequence with the SNW crew as well.

850 down.