Trekathon 849: Lost in Translation (SNW)

Maybe what he whispered in her ear was ‘Watch Star Trek? Spoilers.

Overall a bit of a flat episode. There are some nice pieces, but it just doesn’t quite gel. There are some strange interactions without any justification. And the overall pace is off, the episode kind of ticks along with a bit of dream-like pace that kind of saps the consequences.

There are good performances, particularly Uhura and Kirk, But the script doesn’t rise to the level of supporting them very well. The foundations are a bit shaky, with some of the episode resting on things like Hemmer’s death and Uhura’s parents that just haven’t been maintained well enough.

Beyond that, not much to say. The subplots are underwhelming, and beyond Kirk and Uhura no one is given anything interesting to work with. It’s not terrible, but I’m pretty sure I’ll struggle to remember what this episode was about in a few weeks time.

Quick hits:

  • Very long ‘previously on’.

  • At long last, the official James T Kirk intro for the series. Excluding flash forwards and alternate universes.

  • Some very dull sibling rivalry/father issues stuff from the Kirks here. In fact, there’s something off about all the interactions in this episode. I hope that’s going somewhere.

  • I really hope this isn’t ‘nebula is secretly a life form and it’s responding to being mined’. Such a cliche plot.

  • Yep, let’s take the hallucinating person off on a person hunt. That seems wise. Oh, and give her a gun.

  • Some rugged deaths and corpses this episode.

  • Nice intent with the Uhura/Kirk scene, but it just didn’t land for me. It was just a bit too over the top.

  • Sigh. Yep, it’s the secret life forms in the fuel source.

  • I do like that Pike just trusts Uhura on her request.

  • Star Fleet is going to be pissed…

  • Why is Kirk still on board? He has his own ship!

  • It’s just a bit sad every time I see Sam Kirk, when you know what happens to him ultimately.

  • Surely rules of TV dictate that La’an should be staring at Kirk from a corner here…

849 down.