Trekathon 846: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (SNW)

If the troubles were far away yesterday, hate to think what’s happening after that many tomorrow’s. Spoilers.

This episode had a bit of an uphill struggle to win me over. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘someone learns to cope with their trauma’ stories, and I’m not the biggest fan of time travel stories. What rescued this one somewhat was a very strong telling of the story once we hit the back half, with some clever links back into the other members of the crew and the background of La’an.

The episode is not entirely confident of its own story telling. Like La’an having to basically spelling out her feelings explicitly with Kirk. It’s also a bit of a stretch in that we spend most of the time with a single main cast character in La’an, and a version of Kirk which seems just a little off somehow – not sure if that’s the recasting of the alternative timeline.

Overall an enjoyable hour, but not up to the general standard of this series. Also, the absence of Pike is starting to feel pointed – he had less than a minute in this episode.

Quick hits:

  • Shaping up as a ‘La’an learns an important lesson’ episode so far, not super inspiring.

  • Oh. Goody. Time travel. At least it’s not mirror universe.

  • How can Spock exist in this timeline? He’s half-human, surely that doesn’t work without the Federation.

  • I will give them that ‘alternate universe Kirk’ is an addition to make this a little more fun

  • USS Iowa! OMG. Nice touch.

  • Kirk hustling chess is actually an interesting one – the last hundred years have seen a lot of advances in chess theory – in another few hundred there’d be more.

  • I would be spending a lot more time researching things on the Internet than these two are. Or at least catching some TV news.

  • Kirk has a point here. Which timeline should be the default? I feel like he’s being too easily persuaded.

  • Great work getting a nice inconspicuous car to follow them with.

  • And now we’re doing the Fast and the Trekkiest. Not a fan. This entire sequence rests on Kirk being a total idiot, and not knowing how to follow things.

  • OK, I didn’t anticipate the Pelia link. Clever. And good to see some temporal discipline for a change.

  • I don’t think this romance is going to end well for La’an.

  • Romulan time agent – that is a fun premise.

  • Ooh, finally an explanation for the different timings of the Eugenics Wars. Well, it was explanation shaped.

  • Love the shocked chair swivel from Uhurua on La’an not being in uniform.

846 down.