Trekathon 842: Vox (PIC)

Vox populi, vox dei? Spoilers.

Ah, the return of the Borg. I’m not upset, just disappointed. They’re really over used, and it would have been sufficient to just use the Changelings for this story. On the other hand, it’s a relatively new take on the Borg, although a stunning indictment of Starfleet IT Security. You can just upload new code to life critical systems without any cross checks or approvals?

Finally some momentum and some delivery on the promises of the season to date. It’s going to be a squeeze to fit the conclusion into the next episode, but it’s shaping up to be a big finish. Good action scenes, and a nice big hole that’s been dug for the crew to get themselves out of.

And for a Trek long-timer like myself, the pure fan service of the ending is enough to forgive a lot. There’s just something about seeing everyone back on that old ship once more.

Quick hits:

  • Why does ‘Frontier Day’ involve a celebration back at Earth – rather than, say, Frontiers?

  • Jack has some beautiful eyelashes.

  • Sigh. Back to the Borg well. Locutus Jr of Borg?

  • “No one has seen or heard from the Borg in a decade” – Ummmmm, Season Two? Like this year, show time?

  • Jack has a definite right to know here.

  • Nice to see that someone is willing to say “This is a massive threat, let’s do something about it.” Even if it’s Troi.

  • Seems like very little thinking was done about the security risks of someone who can take over other people’s minds.

  • Oh, hey, Wesley still exists. Who knew?

  • Enterprise F! With Admiral Shelby even…

  • ‘Unity & Defence’ – yikes, what a creepy line.

  • Pretty good Changeling/Borg plot.

  • Nice to give the old farts a tactical advantage.

  • “I Hope we die quickly” LOL.

  • Sorry to see Shaw die. Great character, could have been a big part of a new series.

  • Never been happier to see the E-D.

  • For once I’m not going to complain about the momentum killing beauty shots on the Enterprise. Well earned.

842 down.