Trekathon 840: Dominion (PIC)

So probably a story about the Dominion of Canada? Spoilers.

Generally a pretty strong episode, underpinned by a plan so stupid it’s hard to believe that it was even considered, let alone implemented. Yeah, I can see the idea of trying to lure Vadik into a trap. But at no point did anyone consider the idea that the slightest thing might go wrong with the plan. Or take any steps to manage risks.

Still, as with a lot of the season, you end up forgiving a lot of that for two reasons Firstly, competent and well staged execution of the action parts. And second, an array of scenery chewing monologs and dialogs that are fantastic to watch. This episode it’s the turn of Vadik to unload her feelings.

There are plenty of flaws. Vadik is way too easily caught. Did she know Lore would intervene? Otherwise did she have any plan other than hoping that chaos would turn up? No one thought of basic security measures? The Captain is one of the first to charge off into action despite there being plenty of others?

Some of this could have been fixed fairly easily – just have someone point out the plan is crazy, with the response being that there’s no time for anything else. Add a little more random chaos from Lore taking over the ship.

Overall an enjoyable episode, which moved along swiftly and progressed the season’s plot. Even if we do get a late complication in Jack’s developing powers.

Quick hits:

  • Nice that if we don’t get many episodes with Ro Laren, there’s at least a few extra ‘previously on’ appearances.

  • Captain Tuvok! And the promise of Janeway. While I’d love some DS9, great to see more Voyager.

  • Brent Spiner’s flipping back and front between Data and Lore is absolutely stunning. There isn’t a single moment of doubt who’s who at any point.

  • There’s a lot of time being spent on Vadik’s mysterious nature. I hope it pays off.

  • Oh, and now Jack Crusher is psychic… A little too much going on in this season, I hope it wraps up reasonably.

  • Why no transporters?

  • “It’ll be so much better to show you than to tell you” – good writing advice,

  • No one thought of putting the super dangerous android/golem into a containment field?

  • There’s a little Retcon going on with the Project Proteus, but it doesn’t feel out of place. And it does explain the ‘new changeling’.

  • Amanda Plummer really makes the best of her scenes in this episode.

840 down.