Trekathon 839: The Bounty (PIC)

Probably the Bounty Bar. Spoilers.

One of my biggest criticisms of Discovery is that the pace of the episodes is frequently undermined by the diversion to dramatic scenes. This episode is basically that criticism in a full episode length. Which is. pity as Picard has largely avoided that issue.

It starts with a very flat opening to the episode. Really seemed to be struggling to get on to the plot. We spend a fair bit of time recapping things we’ve already seen, re-establishing Vadik, and a brief discussion of Jack’s visions/illness. 13 minutes that could have been covered in 2.

The rest of the episode continues o be very underwhelming – especially if you were expecting a good old fashioned heist episode. There’s a lot of talky-talky, none of which rises to the level of some of the great dialogs and monologs of the season to date.

It was a stretch to get Moriaty back. And then linking it to the return of Data. Unless it’s really Lore of course, a question more people should be asking. No one can ever stay dead in Star Trek it seems. Oh well, at least it’s not yet another Soong.

A little of a disappointment but by no means a bad episode.

Quick hits:

  • Not that I want to interrupt Vadik’s menacing speech. But it’s very hard for bodies to burn in space because of the lack of oxygen.

  • What is that uniform Raffi is wearing?

  • If I’m setting up security for a top-secret base orbiting a moon, I’d have a couple of orbiting sensor platforms to detect ships lurking on the other side of the moon.

  • Too. Many. Easter. Eggs! Complete with a trip from Easter Egg Base A to Easter Egg Base B.

  • You are on the clock everyone! Less chat, more do things.

  • LeVar Burton is absolutely knocking it out of the park in his return as La Forge.

  • “Poetic Drive-By”. Big LOL.

  • Who is La Forge married to I wonder?

  • Jack has dialled the ‘flirt’ up to 10 this episode.

  • From a plot perspective it feels like Riker went on that away mission solely to get captured.

839 down.