Trekathon 836: Seventeen Seconds (PIC)

Must be some kind of mistake, as play time is 55:48 on the player. Spoilers.

Big switch from the last episode, with the Raffi and Worf sequence much more fun that the shipboard sequence. Giving Raffi someone to work with makes it a lot more engaging, and Worf is a more interesting character than he’s ever been before. The off screen growth is in the right direction, and it’s something I want to see more of. There’s great chemistry between Raffi and Worf as well.

The ship board side is a bit distracted by trying to do two stories at once. We have the ‘dodge the Shrike’ which is where the main tension is, but it gets distracted into ‘Picard has a son’. Which is a worthy plot line, but it feels like a sideline to the escape the nebula plot. The growing tension between Picard and Riker is something I would have liked to see a lot more of. But good setup for next time.

Bringing back the Dominion is an exciting development. They were a great enemy, and we can have a lot of fun with ‘who is really who’. Would be nice if they could draw back in the Conspiracy nubbin bugs while we’re here.

Quick hits:

  • Was that a rear window behind the Captain as he yelled about someone going down to look ou the window?

  • I do like that it’s ‘before’, not ’10 years ago’ or something like that.

  • The setup for the Deanna joke was a bit too obvious. Will must have been very drunk.

  • Titan-A is a pretty ship.

  • I like Seven’s model Voyager. She’s under arrest again?

  • Jack Crusher really needs to take it down a notch.

  • Definitely on Picard’s side over Beverley here. She does have the point about being a target though.

  • ‘We’re all human’ – then two aliens walk through the frame…

  • “Jean Luc Picard sized enemies” – fair.

  • 23 minutes before Worf! Unconscionable!

  • Pretty good bedside manner from Jack.

  • “How does she keep finding us” – she has found you once, not time to panic quite yet.

  • A Changeling! The Dominion is back?

  • What do you call a Woke Klingon? Wingon?

836 down.