Trekathon 835: Disengage (PIC)

Two timely reviews in a row. Will wonders never cease. Spoilers.

Overall a bit of a flat episode. What we mainly get is the introduction of a couple of characters, plus a bit of plot advancement. I’m enjoying Jack Crusher – good writing, good performance. He makes sense as the son of Beverley and Picard. Captain Vadic is a bit scenery chewing, but fun.

The Raffi stuff is not the most engaging. It’s clear from a meta perspective that this is going to link up with the other plot. But what’s the thematic point here? Other than a way to introduce Worf and give Raffi something to do? I do need to go back and reread the dialog with Worf’s voice now…

They’re setting up Shaw to have a good arc this season. He’s clearly got a pretty strong point about focusing on the lives of the crew. But he’s also willing to listen and change, and he’s not a maniac. He has a bit of an interpersonal relationships problem though. I suspect part of Raffi and Shaw is that there’s very little scope to expect much change from Riker or Picard.

But still, not an episode that you’d ever come back to other than when watching the whole season.

Quick hits:

  • Can’t help but notice ‘Trust No One’ is immediately followed by ‘Trust Rider’. I hope that doesn’t come back to bit anyone.

  • Ugh. Two Weeks Ago.

  • Very Vorlon looking ship.

  • While Shaw has a real point, I feel like he should review ‘Avoiding Mutiny 101’.

  • Helpful hint – at the point that the torpedos have struck your ship the fire is more ‘here’ than ‘incoming’.

  • I wonder who is on the other end of the line with Raffi. I can’t think of an obvious candidate of someone we know.

  • Seems like a big building for 117 people dead.

  • The Inception horn is getting a workout with the big alien ship this week.

  • “Basically a hotel now” – actually, I’d say more cruise ship than hotel, but fair.

  • Take the drugs to prove you’re not a spy is such a tired trope.

  • OK, that seems like an odd job for Worf to have. But very glad to see him on screen.

  • I doubt that geared clocks would die out by the 25th century.

  • Starfleet security continues to be a total joke. There’s no brig or jail in the world that has only the one locked door between the prisoner and outside.

  • If the whole ‘Admiral’s orders’ thing works now, why didn’t he do it before?? Sloppy writing.

835 down.