Trekathon 883: Supernova, Part 2 (PRO)

Prodigy comes to the end of its first season. Spoilers.

Once again to a Trek two-parter, and the eternal question – can they stick the landing. I think so, although about half the episode goes really to more ‘season wrap-up’ than ‘story wrap-up’. The loss of Holo Janeway is affecting and well performed. But it’s about the only really noteworthy part of the first half – the rest of it is pretty by the numbers.

This is a Wolf 359 level catastrophe, and while the number of deaths is not mentioned it’s still a lot for a kids show. I’m really not sure who this show is aimed at – early episodes felt much more kid-centric than me.

The back half of the episode is a very satisfying epilog. All kinds of loose ends tied up, and the next season set u. Nice to see a good old Starfleet courtroom scene. I’m honestly quite surprised at where this season ends up – I’d have thought this was seasons away. But I’ll talk more about that in the season review. Still, it’s a fun way to wrap the season up.

883 down. Now a season review and a rest…