Trekathon 882: Supernova, Part 1 (PRO)

Almost the end of the season, with another two parter.

It’s a two parter, so it’s very hard to judge without seeing the second part. The pacing of it is actually a bit odd, as I felt like the obvious break in the story cam part way through the episode, and the big heroic speech came in this part. We still get a good cliffhanger, but in a way that isn’t very predictable.

The CG modelling effort of the fleet is impressive. So many different classes, all based on things we’ve seen. I don’t know that the Klingon Bird of Prey has ever looked better. I do think that Starfleet should work on its aiming though – one little ship and no one can land a hit…

The episode has some great cinematic action sequences. It’s not something I expect from animation, but there’s a real sense of shot and composition in the show.

Have to see how it lands, but it’s a good start to the end of this season.

882 down.