Trekathon 881: Mindwalk (PRO)

No, I wouldn’t mind a walk actually. Spoilers.

Prodigy does the Freaky Friday thing.There is some fantastic animation and voice work from Kate Mulgrew. It’s always a fun acting challenge, and it’s very cleverly done. I did like that the reveal was coffee related. The crew not picking up on it is actually a bit of an unusual idiot plot for this show. Surely this is ‘standard procedure 8, Captain is possessed by an alien intelligence’.

And great to get the Janeway v Janeway scene. This show really does deliver on the ‘fun and games’ promises that it makes. Even a reference to Threshold. Other than the crew of the Dauntless being a bit dim it’s a pretty good body swap episode. It’s also quite a clever way of getting the information up to date on both sides.

And another cliff hanger ending. This is even more ‘serial’ than Discovery this season. Odd for a kids show?

881 down.