Trekathon 880: Ghost in the Machine (PRO)

Does the ghost in the machine get on with the ghost in the shell, or are they frenemies? Spoilers.

I remember complaining back after the first couple of episodes that this wasn’t feeling very ‘Trek’. It’s time to acknowledge that it’s definitely turned around on that count. This show honestly feels more like Trek than Discovery most of the time. And now we’ve got an apparent Holodeck malfunction, what could be more Trek than that.

Another anthology episode – we have Zero’s escape room, Jankom’s street fighting, Murph’s dangerously-close-to-Vic-Fontaine lounge act, Dal’s pirate game. It’s OK, not great. Really felt more like filler than anything Especially given the Janeway Actual cliffhanger from the previous episode.

At the end it’s a bit of a cliffhanger reveal with the Manchurian Hologram. Which just goes to show – never give your password out no, matter how good the reason.

880 down.