Trekathon 879: Preludes (PRO)

16 episodes in is a little late for a prelude really. Spoilers.

We get some unnecessary back story on the other kids.

  • Ron Tank found the joy of becoming the class clown, and the getting abandoned for it.

  • Zero got ET-ed by his family and then captured by Kazon.

  • Jankom’s story was the weirdest – woken up by an accident and kept awake by a faulty computer. I did like the back story on the third person thing.

  • I liked the art style of the Diviner back story.

Overall OK, but just not that engaging.

But about the only things we learn in this episode is where Chakotay is, and how the time shenanigans have been working. Oh, and another shocking twist at the end. Very cliffhanger framework.

879 down.