Trekathon 875: Let Sleeping Borg Lie (PRO)

Borg in a kids show? It’s a bit risky, but I’ll allow it… Spoilers.

Seriously, I’m very surprised that the show is using the Borg. It’s a species that leads to fairly dark plots. I do feel like Janeway could have done a much better job on selling the danger of the Borg though. A quick Wolf 359 video, for instance.

But it’s a risk that pays off with a strong episode. The show avoids dumbing down the Borg or making them much less threatening than usual. The Vinculum sequence is very well done, and the rest of the time on board the Borg cube works well.

The ‘Janeway Actual’ plot is creeping along. I’m glad that someone was as shocked as I was when Janeway Actual asked for tea from the replicator… Even there there’s room for a few characters to be introduced and start to develop.

This show draws more on Trek continuity than Discovery with things like the Borg. And is doing some nice ongoing plot with Zero being haunted. Again, better continuity than most Trek in terms of character. It’s amazing that I think this is the first time ‘Resistance is not futile’ has been said in Star Trek…

875 down.