Trekathon 874: Asylum (PRO)

Back to Star Trek for kids. Spoilers.

Welcome back to the second half of Season One of Prodigy. One of the largest ‘within season’ breaks since the old broadcast TV days of Star Trek Enterprise.

A surprising twist really – I wasn’t expecting to hit Federation space at all, certainly not until the end of the first season. And while the setup seems to be for them to turn away now, given the sabotage plot, we also have Janeway Actual getting into the action and beginning to follow the trail.

Maybe it’s the effect of memory, but the writing of the show feels more developed The characters feel formed, and coherent. There are also some solid jokes which feel a bit more broadly aimed. Overall it feels a bit more ‘all ages’ than ‘kids only’.

It’s still fairly low calorie in terms of plot – the episode is more a collection of some fun scenes rather than a plot. There is a plot at the season wide level, but it moves slowly. And often feels a bit detached from the rest of the story. Still, the first few minutes of this episode is a really great action sequence with very beautiful special effects. Seriously shows the investment going into this show. It’s a lot better than it has to be.

874 down. Closing in on episode 900, we’ll get there this year.