Trekathon 872: Trusted Sources (LD)

Welcome to the only trusted source for my opinion on Star Trek. Spoilers.

Project Swing-by is the story I was expecting more of from the Season One wrap-up of the show. It doesn’t get a lot of time in the episode (and it weirdly seems to set up something else going on – maybe some collaboration with the Breen?), and maybe it shows that for the most part there wouldn’t be a great story engine in these stories week to week. Interesting that they drew on not exactly a deeply loved episode (indeed, containing one of the most mocked sequences ever between Yar and Wesley).

The Mariner plot ended up being more interesting than I thought. I was on the side of ‘it was someone else’ – probably Ransom – pretty much from the start of that act. But it does show quite well how fragile relationships can be, with no one willing to credit that she’d actually changed. And an interesting setup into the finale, with more ‘real’ consequences. It’s sad that no one at all stood up for her, but I have to admit the story makes good sense.

Overall a strong episode, but not one I’d watch again and again.

Quick hits:

– Nice eye twitch animation for Captain Freeman there.

– Callback to a Season One episode (which I had to look up, it didn’t come to mind off the name or the plot description).

– How much blueberry exactly did Mariner step in?

– Pie eating contest is just a bit too slapstick for me.

– Glad Cetacean Ops got on the news report.

– Yeah, definitely no cover up (or newly synthesised drug) going on here…

– Yikes, Starbase 80 looks rough…

– Phasers out and then split up. Super smart everyone.

– Well that escalated quickly.

872 down.