Trekathon 870: A Mathermatically Perfect Redemption (LD)

Finally a sequel to the great TNG Redemption I and Redemption II? Spoilers.

I spent most of this episode just staring at the screen going ‘Oh My God’. This is the most format breaking episode in any series ever. It’s incredible that the series has the confidence and the courage to just throw away nearly everything and go back to what was previously a one-joke cameo character.

I’m not sure the story really holds up incredibly beyond the shock value. It’s fairly by-the-numbers stuff, a fairly cliche story. That’s necessary to make the third act twists work, but it does mean I was thinking the character changes for Peanut Hamper were more to do with cliche writing than setting up the twist.

But overall an incredible episode, simply for what it was willing to try Loved it.

Quick hits:

-Always a sucker for a break from the normal credit sequence. Poor Peanut Hamper.

– Is this going to be sa whole episode with Peanut Hamper? Bold, bold stuff.

– This is the freakiest sex scene ever shown on any TV show ever.

– LOL, glad someone remembered the Prime Directive.

– For the record – 16:42 before the main cast appears. Although even then they resist the temptation to shift the viewpoint back.

– I’ll admit that for a change I didn’t spot the heel-turn coming.

– Yeah, storing evil computers together without firewalls or sound proofing seems like an incredibly bad idea.

870 down.