Treakthon 866: Mining The Mind’s Mines (LD)

Ah, finally the sequel to the sea shore selling season. Spoilers.

A strong episode on a lot of fronts, but what impressed me the most was the humour. There’s a very high joke density, and for once mainly relying on the plot and the dialogue rather than background gags. There’s also a strong plot that drives forward well, and does a good job at bringing the A and B story together.

As usual one of the main characters gets short shrift, this time Rutherford again. I feel like the writers have worked out what to do with Tendi now, but they struggle to have much to say about Rutherford. Oh, and the whole Jen/Mariner thing came out of nowhere…

Quick hits:

– What a classic early season TNG opening.

– I’m kinda with Ransom on the outpost weirdos.

– Those worms did not look charred, more tartare.

– “I just really want to take a test.” Ah, Tendi. So cute.

– What is it with engineers and Leah Brahms…

– Clown Klingons, LOL.

– “I think this is a door” says Rutherford standing outside a very obvious door. Not your finest hour there.

866 down.