Trekathon 861: The Elysian Kingdom (SNW)

Getting towards the end of Season 1. Spoilers.

Very, very high risk episode concept, and done in a very high risk way. Ultimately it didn’t work for me – perhaps with a different POV character, or a bit more in the way of ‘real world’ versus ‘fantasy world’ it would have. That’s not to say that the component parts aren’t great – performances from all the regulars are fantastic, and the production design is incredible.

The big problem is the ending with the daughter missed for me. Perhaps if it had been more clearly established that this was the end of the road in terms of treatment options, and that time was up for her treatment. I can’t see any father accepting the outcome without that sort of stakes. Especially one who has been obsessively searching for a cure. It also feels like an oddly short journey for the setup here, which could have gone on for a lot more story.

The other thing that would have been nice is a bit of B-story. Hard to squeeze in given the overall structure of the story, but it meant that we were plunging forward in this slightly confusing fairy tale most of the time, without any break.

Quick hits:

– The book is by Benny Russell. Nice subttle callback.

– It’s always a little hilarious seeing an attempt to show someone doing science, especially chemistry, on TV.

– Wow the redressed bridge M’Benga walks onto feels like TOS.

– The customer and set dressing are just incredible.

– Really wish I’d paid better attention in the first scene about the book..

– Anson Mount is having the time of his life this episode.

– Very TOS ‘super powerful gas cloud’ alien.

861 down.