Trekathon 858: Spock Amok (SNW)

June 14th, 2022

I have a feeling this may be a ‘funny’ episode. Spoilers.

The episode has a really slow start, without much in the way of a driving plot. Fifteen minutes before the credits is a long slog for a lot of setup and no excitement. And it’s 22 minutes before we have the main plot in motion. And it barely picks up after that. It’s a pace of story that was a lot more common before this so called ‘golden age of TV’. More of a character study, which is a sharp change from the non-stop action of the previous episode. Overall I enjoyed, but it’s the kind of episode I’d skip on a second run through.

I also felt like they under-delivered on the potential of the Spock/T’Pring body swap. It could have been used for a lot more fun, although I suppose I maybe like farce and hijinks more than would be logical. The diplomatic story didn’t add much to the plot, just providing some under-developed aliens who we’ll likely never see again.

The B-Plot is more fun, but doesn’t get anywhere. Number One/La’an is a great natural pairing. I loved the different (and equally effective) approach to interrogation. But again, they underdelivered on the fun of what could be on an Enterprise Bingo list. Also, as an aside, that should be a bucket list of scavenger hunt – bingo you don’t need to fill in everything, just the line.

The Chapel/Ortegas C-plot is barely there, but adds some useful texture. It’s nice that we continue to see the secondary bridge characters getting time and dimension in the show.

Quick hits:

  • Previously on is Spock this time. It’s definitely a tell.

  • That is some stress dream Spock is having there. But beautiful done modern staging that feels consistent with Amok Time.

  • Full on Star Trek fight music. Yay!

  • Open communication in a Vulcan relationship is pretty terrifying.

  • I think that this is the chronologically earliest reference to the Romulans – it feels a bit off canon honestly.

  • Pike in the Kirk ‘put on weight between season’ jacket is a fun reference.

  • Bad start to the negotiating with Pike letting the other side take control.

  • Personally I think you should do a soul ceremony thing before getting engaged..

  • Body swap fun is a bit diminished when it’s Vulcans, it’s a bit hard to tell who is who… They do pay that off though.

  • “Hijinks are the most logical course of action”.Classic for the ages.

  • Personally I thought it was pretty obvious that the aliens were ‘mirror empaths’ or something like that.

  • Play your huch, sure, but don’t leave everyone else to guess…

  • Yes, very pretty solar sail. It ought to be about 2 orders of magnitude bigger than that to generate propulsion…

858 down.