Trekathon Season Review: Picard Season 2

Trek’s 40th season of TV comes to an end. Spoilers.

Overall I really enjoyed this season. There’s not really a total flub in any of the episodes, and my early concern’s about the Picard’s youth plot were largely allayed. Not totally, but I think they did enough that I was reasonably satisfied with it never coming up before, and being consistent with his character.

The absolute highlight of the season for me was the Borg Queen and Agnes Jurati. It’s a great use of a character who didn’t have enough to do in Season One, and had some fantastic individual scenes. I hope we learn some more about this new collective in the next season, it’d be interesting to understand how it’s evolved.

The biggest disappointment wa probably Picard and Q. I’d hoped for a story that was more one last battle of wits between them, but instead they really only have a couple of scenes. Those scenes are great, but I’d hoped for a bit more.

Overall I’m still going to put this in the top bracket, a bit below the existing members. It’s a strongly told story, without any major flubs or falls. Yes, there’s a lot of fan service and a lot more feelings than action. But it’s still a season of TV I’d enjoy watching again.

The very best of Trek:

– PIC Season 1
– TNG Season 6
– DS9 Season 2
– PIC Season 2

Strong performers:

– LD Season 1
– DS9 Season 5
– TNG Season 3
– TNG Season 5
– TOS Season 2
– DIS Season 2
– ENT Season 3
– TNG Season 4
– VOY Season 4

Mixed bag:

– TOS Season 1
– DS9 Season 4
– LD Season 2
– DIS Season 1
– ST Season 2
– DS9 Season 1
– ENT Season 4
– DIS Season 3
– ST Season 1
– VOY Season 5
– ENT Season 1
– VOY Season 1
– TNG Season 7

Not good:

– DS9 Season 3
– DS9 Season 6
– DIS Season 4
– VOY Season 6
– VOY Season 3
– TNG Season 2
– ENT Season 2
– TAS Season 1

Really just awful:

– VOY Season 7
– VOY Season 2
– DS9 Season 7
– TOS Season 3
– TAS Season 2
– TNG Season 1

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