Trekathon 848: Fly Me to the Moon (PIC)

Let me play among the stars. Spoilers.

Another good episode, suffering a little bit from the threads not tying together yet, although the plot lines are starting to reconverge.

I am enjoying the Borg Queen this season. She’s a worthy foe, intelligent and wily. And making the primary relationship with Jurati gives her a chance to shine and have her own core conflict for the season. And they’re allowing the conflict to evolve and develop, it’s an engaging plot.

Q and Song is also interesting, Q is, as always, up to stuff, and the approach he’s taking is novel for him. I wish it was a bit clearer if we could see Q has an agenda beyond being a chaos agent. After all, most of the time there was an agenda, even if his methods were chaotic. And, on balance, I like that they’ve used a Soong rather than a random person to manipulate, it creates a sense of a closed universe. Although I also would have accepted Chris Brynner.

The supervisor/watcher is a bit less successful. There’s just not enough clarity about her role and interests. Or even why she hasn’t been responding to the obvious threat to Renee Picard that has been developing in terms of her mental health.

Quick hits:

– 1202 Alarm. That is Apollo tech, not Shuttle (and it’s a computer overload warning, not a collision warning). But nice reference.

– I hope we explain why Picard didn’t know about a famous space ship ancestor. Otherwise it’s a bit of a plot hole. It seems he knows about her, but it’s not very clear.

– Jonathan Frakes directing. Normally a good sign.

– I’m glad someone finally though of using the local communications tech.

– Nice trick with Evan Evagora and the hallucination of Elnor.

– Wow, even a Gary 7 callback. A lot of old threads being pulled into this season.

– Exactly how many Soongs? has Brent Spider played now? (OK, only 4 plus three androids I think). So much actor recycling with clones

– Almost on the 3D printer. I’m not aware of an SLA type printer that can do metal.

– I’d complain about the lack of security awareness with the Borg Queen, but it’s very consistent with all of Trek to be honest.

– Self injecting IV medicine is a pretty chancy idea.

– ‘Intro to antique coding’. LOL.

– Gosh that is a nice dress for Dr Jurati. Wonder where it came from.

848 down.