Trekathon 844: Penance (PIC)

The Pirates of Penance maybe? Spoilers.

Another strong episode, which does a great job of setting out the stakes and the action of the series economically, while still having lots of good Star Trek moments and good character scenes.

I was apprehensive about dipping into both the Mirror Universe well and the Borg well – both very tired sources of stories for Star Trek. But even if this is the official Mirror Universe (probably not given the alternate timeline plot), it’s being done in a much more interesting way than certainly what DS9 did. I do wish we’d seen at least one main cast member from a series in the alternate timeline as well (maybe Chakotay as the Magistrate?).

The opening scene with Q and Picard is fantastic. De Lancie is superb as Q, and we get a nice build of the world we’re in combined with a fantastic performance and back and forth. More please!

From one perspective, adding in time travel as well is making this a bit of a trope soup, hopefully that will only be a small part of the season. But it’s probably the repetitive trope with the highest hit rate, so why not.

Quick hits:

– “How yesterday’s enterprise of you”. LOL.

– Some nice continuity porn in Picard’s study, with stories that beg to be told.

– “Colombian Roast, Black” – yep, that is what MU Picard would drink. Nice work.

– Nice to see the MU has gotten some better tailoring, and moved away from leather.

– General Sisko! But does this mean that this isn’t the official MU, as I think all mirror Sisko’s were dead.

– I would say there’s a zero percent chance this channel between Seven and Rios isn’t being monitored.

– OK, I need a domesticat. So cute!

– Dr Jurati is just an incredibly bad secret agent in a very entertaining way.

– At least this alternate timeline has heard of the concept of security in at least a rudimentary way.

– Attention Discovery – the Rios/Juradi scene is how you do relationship stuff without losing momentum or tension.

– Alison Pill is such a superb actor, it’s incredible. She manages such a range of performance.

– 2024 is an interesting choice – not quite today, but close enough to make little difference.

844 down.