Trekathon 841: Rosetta (DIS)

I’m guessing the episode title is a reference to the stone, not the probe or my dog. But I’m going to assume it’s my dog. Spoilers.

The flashes of terror was a very interesting problem, but the solution of ‘reconfigure the programmable matter’ was really underwhelming. I enjoyed where the episode got to, with the fairly unique approach to first contact and translation. But it did feel like giving up an a more interesting (and more season 1/2 Discovery) story to head to something more ‘cerebral’.

A lot of the rest of the episode is Book and Tarka skulking around Discovery. It was very silly, as it suggests that there’s basically zero security or control on a space ship in the far future. I have to swipe a pass multiple times to reach my desk at work, a ship with an intelligent consciousness in the computer can’t spot someone hiding under a bench? And now a senior member of the crew is kidnapped?

Leaving aside pacing concerns (this episode was a fair bit better on that front), another overarching problem with this season has been stakes. The stakes are enormous – the DMA can destroy Earth and Ni’Var. But it feels like everyone forgets this until the plot needs a kick along. There’s not enough of a sense of urgency or concern. It gets mentioned from time to time (e.g. Stamets feeling hope), but it doesn’t show up in enough of the performances.

Quick hits:

– Grudge! All hail the queen.

– Why is everyone in mirror universe uniforms now? Very leather daddy?

– Sci Fi’s biggest cliche, the slow motion walk to boarding the spaceship. Sigh. After which they just blink teleport on board the shuttle anyway…

– It’s not very clear to me why Book is still running rogue – Tarka I get, but not Book.

– I do like the Earth general’s cape. Very stylish.

– I have questions about the science of a ‘burnt off’ gas giant. Many, many questions.

– That crossword is way too easy. That sort of grid should be a cryptic, but the clue clearly isn’t.

– As a subplot it’s a bit odd, but I did laugh at the translator’s desperate attempt to be positive and upbeat about Burnham’s progress.

– Lurian at the bar! Morn flashback… 🙂

841 down.