Trekathon 838: All In (DIS)

February 16th, 2022

This is, I think, the 28th consecutive weekly episode of Star Trek. Is it possible for there to be too much Trek? Spoilers.

Overall a not great, not terrible episode. It has some nice story components in the weird casino barge, the fight ring, and so on. It feels a little out of place in terms of the urgency of the overall season arc, but that’s struggled to get going forever. The best feature was giving Two a real role – it’s nice to see her gradually becoming a real character, rather than a face on the bridge. But there’s not much advance on Book and Burnham, and for there’s not much setup for the next episode beyond a bit more stakes raising. It feels a bit time killing.

It does make me wish even more that we’d spent an episode or two on Burnham the courier last season. Would have been a really good way of introducing more of this new era, and we could be paying it off now. Instead we get big bad foes who don’t even get a line despite being the major threat.

Quick hits:

  • Zora is a bit of a suck up it seems.

  • Burnham’s cover mission is very cleverly done. I wish they’d kept ambiguity on it for more than one scene.

  • Very familiar voice from the fixer. Noting I could spot on IMDB.

  • We wear uniforms to the underground casino now? Not even an attempt at a disguise.

  • Ooh, Changeling – related to the Founders? We’ll never know and the writers don’t seem to care.

  • They did seem to hustle those fighters, not very Star Fleet.

  • “Klingons on the disco”. LOL..

  • It’s a pity they couldn’t find anyone we’d seen before as the other two players in the poker game.

  • These Emerald Chain goons are pretty dumb if they can’t spot the obvious communication.

  • Personally I would act a bit quicker on the tracking information rather than save it as the big reveal.

  • 228 million km across would not even allow you to have the Earth’s orbit around a sun, would be just enough for Venus.

838 down. And at least 26 more episodes over 24 consecutive weeks already announced, which will make a full year with Trek every week.