Trekathon 836: A Moral Star, Part 1 (PRO)

No cold open today, let’s dive in. Spoilers.

This honestly feels pretty dark and complex for a kids show. Blackmailing the crew with complex choices and cloudy motivations. Feels pretty adult relative to some of the heavy handed ‘work as a team’ stuff in earlier episodes.

There’s about 3-4 minutes of this episode which is just a montage leading into an inspiring speech. I like it, but it screams ‘episode is running short’. Bit of a heist movie feel. Of course, you then have to ask ‘what exactly where they doing’ given the way the next scene plays out. So the reveal was a bit undermined for me. But still, nice complex plotting and reasonably well carried out.

One final note – there are some very nice framing choices and shots in the episode – particularly during the ‘negotiation/handover’ sequence like the crushed communicator.

836 down.