Trekathon 835: Time Amok (PRO)

Whoops, that’s right there’s Star Trek. Better catch up… Spoilers.

Oh thank goodness they’ve come clean. That was annoying me.

This is a really nice way of doing ‘educational theme’ through Star Trek. Yes, it’s a heavy handed ‘you’re all better working together’ moral. But it’s also a classic Star Trek idea implemented fairly well. Actually, I was suspicious that it was all a Holodeck. It got maybe a tad heavy handed at times, but honestly it’s amazing how much forward progress in the overarching plot there was, as well as a good story this time.

On the other hand – the bar is higher now. This can be good Star Trek. That’s what I expect from the show going forward…

I did like the Holodeck training with the fox and the chicken – would love to see the Seven Bridges of Königsberg.

835 down.