Trekathon 834: First Con-tact (PRO)

What species will we meet this week? Spoilers.

Oh goodie, a Ferengi episode. Those are usually great. Actually, that’s unfair. The Ferengi actually fit well as antagonists for this series, and linking one into Dal’s background makes a lot of sense in terms of his character. The only real question is how they got here when we’re now in a different quadrant to the start of the season?

This was a much better episode for Dal for me. While he made mistakes, they were much more sensible based on his history and character. But we also saw his growth and improved ability to recognise right and wrong.

I should mention, as I haven’t enough, that the rest of the crew are great. Gwyn is a great, deep and sympathetic character. Zero is fascinating. Rok-Tahk is sweet. And even Jankom Pig is a good ‘funny’ character.

How many times exactly did Janeway break the Prime Directive exactly, hmmm? Undermines her sense of outrage at the end of the episode.

834 down.