Trekathon 833: Kobayashi (PRO)

Prodigy Treks into 2022. Spoilers.

I felt like the authors of this episode decided they need to get as much fan service done in one episode. We have ‘The Game’, Jeffries Tubes, the Gamma quadrant, Holodecks – in the first five minutes. That was the five minutes with relatively few callbacks.

It’s a fairly good episode, with a lot to enjoy. It’s undermined by two things. First, I find Dal just relentlessly annoying. Yes, it’s a kids show so it’s a bit simple. But is every week going to be him being beaten over the head by the simple conclusion for 22 minutes? Secondly, there are three interesting plots here, but none of them have the time to breathe or develop. There’s also a fair bit of tonal whiplash between the plots.

I found the tonal differences in the archival voices really rough. It’s a nice idea, but it sounds very jarring to me. Ultimately it undermines the core emotional scene in the plot, as it just feels too much like someone playing mad libs.

833 down.