Trekathon 826: Terror Firma (PRO)

On to the day’s second episode. Spoilers.

The first half of the episode is dull – the planet tries to kill them, Dal continues to be annoying, and we see Gwyn’s competence more clearly. I know this is children’s TV, but surely it can have a bit of novelty in it. But we do get to see the Gwyn/Dal relationship evolve, and the second half improves considerably – among other things, other than ‘split up’ there are no dumb decisions from Dal.

Overall I enjoyed the episode more, and Gwyn and Dal make a good team that I’m actually interested to watch. The tension with him as Captain gives a good story engine, but I do hope we can move away from the ‘he does something dumb, Gwyn saves the day’.

Also – why does everyone know about Klingons when this is set in the Delta quadrant? There are some strange things going on here.

826 down.