Trekathon 822: Lost and Found (PRO)

Peak Star Trek continues, with the new young adult oriented animated series. Spoilers.

I know this isn’t for me, and I’ve tried very hard to not judge this too harshly. But overall this introduction was a failure for me – it’s a relatively well written piece of children’s TV, but it just doesn’t feel like Star Trek. It’s almost 20 minutes before we get to the ship, and this starts to have any real markers of being Star Trek. There’s a few species crossing over (Medusans, Tellarites, a Caution and a Kazon), but even there the designs in the 3D art style don’t ‘read’ very clearly to me.

I have some hope that it’ll become Trekkier – after all, we only see Janeway in the last 10 seconds of the episode, and that will provide a good avenue for making this feel more like Star Trek.

As for the rest – the characters are reasonably well put together, although it’s a bit uneven. The villain is pretty cartoonish, but that’s offset by the Gwyn character having some interesting dimensions. Del is a bit on the annoying side, and the rest of the crew are pretty one note so far. But better than average for kids TV. The action sequences are done well, and the writing is strong.

822 down. (The important question – does this count as one episode or two, given it’s a double length? I decided, given that there’s not a world where it would ever be split into two I think, that I’ll count it as one).