Trekathon 821: First First Contact (LD)

Season two of Lower Decks comes to an end. Spoilers.

Ultimately a pretty good episode, but I think it could have been better with a bit more balance. The ‘everyone sulking because the Captain is leaving’ thing was not a lot of fun, and didn’t feel very Star Fleet’. And we also have my least favourite plot device of all time, ‘someone half overhears a conversation and misunderstands it’.

But the second half of the episode far outweighs it. We have one of the best action sequences in all of Star Trek, with a genuinely tense race against the clock, clever solution, and a crew banding together. And, after a lot of teasing, we finally get to see cetacean ops. From obscure blueprint joke to pivotal setting in the final scene.

And then there’s a nice cliffhanger into next year, which builds nicely on things across the season. Overall a good finish to a relatively uneven season.

821 down.