Trekathon 820: wej Duj (LD)

That’s not the real episode title, I don’t have the Klingon script for the actual title. Spoilers.

Absolutely pitch perfect implementation of a great idea. It would have been easy to fall into the easy traps – for instance, trying to make the Lower Deck people on the other ships too obviously counterparts of the Cerritos. Or trying to tell the same story three times, rather than just link them together to a single node.

To quibble slightly – the Cerritos parts were pretty weak. Boimler looking for a Bridge friend is a reasonable idea for the character, but it didn’t have any bite and distracted from the more substantive parts of the episode. The braver version of this would have been to spend more time on the Klingon and Vulcan ships, maybe developing more than one of the ensigns. But that’s more an idea for an improvement than a criticism – it was still fun to see Boimler fail in making the connection there.

And the Borg Cube cameo at the end was a great joke to finish on.

820 down.