Trekathon 817: The Spy Humongous (LD)

September 17th, 2021

The Cerritos is being diplomatic. Spoilers.

Another three plot episode. I really feel like its just too much, even if there is a pretty good effort to bring the plots together in the finale.

The ongoing Pakled campaign strikes me like there was a discussion in the writers room on ‘what’s the species least expected to be a galactic threat’. While it doesn’t make complete sense, it makes enough sense for Lower Decks. And I enjoy that the Pakleds are still smart enough to at least be in the race. It would be nice if we could move beyond the one joke and make the species a little more real though.

The rest of the episode is about being in Star Fleet and leadership, and it’s actually quite nicely done. Boimler’s lesson felt real and earned, and the Anomaly Consolidation Duty plot had some good jokes and nice character driven action. The final resolution made sense and fit well – I liked in particular that there wasn’t a reversal on acting captain – the other way to write it would have been for Boimler to get that instead.

Overall a return to form after a few weaker episodes.

817 down.