Trekathon 815: Mugato, Gumato (LD)

Does Mariner have a mysterious past? Spoilers.

I thought this was a pretty thin episode, with an ‘idiot plot’ that was an idiot plot twice over. First we have the idea that they’d think Mariner was a secret agent , and second them assuming that she was out to kill them. It just didn’t make any sense. Even Section 31 is renowned for sneakiness, not killing sprees. It’s not an idea that couldn’t have worked with a better setup, but as it was it felt like a leap.

The rest of the episode is equally weak. We don’t get much out of the TOS call backs with the Mugato (and ‘hilarious’ joke on the different pronunciations). The Ferengi appearance could have been a lot more, and the Quark reference added little. And the rest of the plot is fairly mundane.

The one bright side is that the writing itself is strong, with some really good lines. Just wish there was a better plot that did more interesting things with the characters.

815 down.