Trekathon 808: Terra Firma, Part II (DIS)

Once more unto the breach. Spoilers.

Oh, it’s a back door pilot. I really should have worked that out quicker. A lot more successful than the last back door pilot in *Assignment: Earth*. But, as with most of the genre, a fairly out of place episode of the core series.

(Technically it’s more of a prologue to the spinoff I suppose, given it involves an established character, but same concern applies).

I felt like this could have all worked a bit better with a bit more time for Georgiou in the rest of the season. She doesn’t get very much screen time, and there is very little character development in what there is. So all of the weight is put into the episode, and that is tricky as it’s hard to be able to distinguish ‘false front’ from ‘returning to type’. This goes for the Georgiou/Burnham relationship.

But on the other hand the Mirror Universe stuff is really well done. The story, while predictable, is well told and nicely underlines the character development for Mirror Georgiou. Absolutely every element of the production of the show is running at top speed this episode – costumes, makeup, hair, set design, acting. It’s incredible. It’s just that it feels like such a sharp break in the story of the rest of the season. It would have been nice to have a version that integrated to the story better.

The less said about the framing stuff containing the ongoing plot the better. That scene in Engineering was honestly one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Felt more like improv. Bad improv. Really poorly developed and written.

Quick hits:

– SMG does a fantastic job of mirror Burnham.

– I’,m not quite sure what’s going on with Killy – she fills a room in a way that Tilly doesn’t – some acting, some costume perhaps. But I’m very impressed.

– What on earth is the point of the wristband thingy?

– Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.

– THAT IS A REVEAL. OMG. For incredible Star Trek nerds like me that is.

– The Admiral is really growing on me. He’s s strong manager, who is willing to listen, correct, admonish correctly, empathise. He’s quite possibly the best Admiral we’ve ever seen.

808 down.